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Free Sample Resume Cover Letters and Tips

Need to submit a job application now but don’t have the time? Feel free to use our sample resume cover letters. Copy the text and save to your computer. Just edit the fields and follow the guidelines.Some points to remember about sample resume cover letters:- Be brief.
- Be positive.
- Refer to your resume instead of repeating it.
- Use industry-related keywords if you submit electronically. Many companies scan applications for job-related keywords.
- Check your spelling and syntax.

Also, sample resume cover letters are just that- samples. Once you get the hang of it, you can modify the form slightly as your guts tell you. Add special formatting, borders, bullets, etc. if you are word processor savvy.Your name
City, State, Zip
E-mailDateName and title of addressee, if known
Company name and addressDear ________Introduce yourself and what your profession is. State which job position you are applying for and where you found the job ad. If the job has a reference number, cite it.Explain briefly why you think you’re the right person for the job. Mention key highlights in your career that pertain to the work you’re applying for. If there are specific skills or experiences required, enumerate them in a list and refer to your CV for details.

Inform them of your current job and why you are applying for this position. Show that you understand what the job entails, that you’re interested in their company and that you’d welcome it as a great opportunity to advance your career if you worked for them.Tank them for their consideration. Let them know how they may contact you and that you are eager to hear from them.Yours sincerelyYour full namePrint full name